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Here are some Tips on what every Policyholder can do to help the Property Damage Insurance Claim filing be an easier process.

  • Contact Cavalry Public Adjusters Direct: 305-898-7562 or Email: ASAP: We will then schedule a visit to review your policy and discuss the claim process with you in detail. Once you agree to our representation we will initiate contact with your insurance company and put them on Notice regarding the property damage that has occurred and it will give your Cavalry Public Adjuster an opportunity to inspect, take photos, and investigate. Now, during this ‘notice’ you need not (and should not) communicate with anyone representing the insurance company. If someone from the insurance company does contact you, never give an opinion about how the damage occurred / what caused it. Everything you say will be recorded by the insurance claims handler and can be used to deny your claim. You are not a claims investigator, public adjuster or an attorney, so leave those ‘why’ issues to the professionals at Cavalry Public Adjusters. Politely tell the insurance representative to contact Cavalry Public Adjusters who represents YOU on your claim.
  • Keep RECORDS: Take lots of photos/video – there is no such thing as too many damage photos when it comes to insurance claims. Today many people take video which can provide a better sense of the damage. Gather all the documents you need, copy of your policy & declarations pages will be needed by the Cavalry Public Adjuster. Also, make a list of all the items and contents you lost or were destroyed. The more detail records, the better.
  • Keep RECEIPTS: Any damage-related repairs you make or things you purchase to prevent further damage could be reimbursable under your policy. Keep those receipts—including receipts for hotel stays, building materials, food you replace or buy, laundry costs, anything you pay for that you would not have had to pay for but for the damage that occurred.
  • PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE: Just because a storm has destroyed half your house does not mean you can sit idly by while the next day’s rain destroys the other half or the rest of your belongings. Although this may seem like an extreme example, the point is that you must take reasonable steps to keep further damage from occurring. If you do not, the insurer may deny the claims you make for damages that occurred post-damage event. Important to note, mitigation is okay but no repairs should be made to the property damage until consulting with your Cavalry Public Adjuster. (See Next Bullet Point).
  • Inspect then Repair: Although you must prevent further damage, you should also not make any repairs to the property until an insurance investigator / appraiser has inspected it. Once you start making repairs you may destroy evidence of damage or evidence of the cause of the damage (such as if it were a fire). So you should only make those repairs that are necessary to prevent further damage. Doing anything more could cause problems with getting coverage.
  • Don’t COMMIT fraud: First, you want to avoid making fraudulent claims including adding items that were never lost or collaborating with contractors to over-charge the insurer. Unscrupulous Contractors, “Loss Consultants”, and simple crooks can prey on disaster victims while they wait for their insurance payments. And insurance investigators are very good at their jobs —no settlement check amount is worth facing an insurance fraud charge.
  • Beware of Scam Artists: You should never pay upfront for services repairmen, especially those that approach you after a damaging event. You may put up a small down payment, but try to limit it to materials to ‘get started’ and always check up on the contractor’s license. You can use sites like and for customer reviews.


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Client Testimonial

I was referred to Jesus M Gonzalez of Cavalry Public Adjusters to help with a bad roof leak and mold due to the water damage I had in half of my home. I knew immediately that I was in good hands. From day one they got to work with cleaning up the mold issue and mitigating my home property damage. Mr. Gonzalez took care of all the insurance details and I never had to deal with anyone. Thanks to Mr. Gonzalez and Cavalry Public Adjusters I was able to repair all the damage to my home and replace my roof. I refer Mr. Gonzalez and Cavalry Public Adjusters to anyone I know is having property damage issues. Renaldo Reyes, Miami, FL  2017