Should I call my insurance company first or talk to a Public Adjuster?

It’s always a good idea to get the Public Adjuster involved as soon as the property damage occurs. Cavalry Public Adjusters will inspect the damage, review your policy and determine with you if a claim does exists. (This service is FREE to you).

When you say FREE do I need to pay ANYTHING if you come out to my property and determine that there is NO claim?

YES! 100% FREE.

I’m afraid that my insurance company will deny my claim or cancel my insurance policy if I hire a Public Adjuster, should I be?

Absolutely Not. All Public Adjusters working in the State of Florida are licensed by the State of Florida and Bonded in order to conduct work as a Public Adjuster in the State of Florida. Public Adjusters are mandated by the State Legislature and regulated by the Department of Insurance. The State Legislature has given all policyholders the right to hire a Public Adjuster.  It would be a violation of your rights if any insurance company denies or cancels you for hiring a Licensed and Bonded Public Adjuster.

If your insurance company adjuster tries to talk you out of hiring a Public Adjuster you should be suspicious. He or she may simply be trying to get away with underpaying your claim.

I’ve been told that Public Adjusters should not be trusted, why trust Cavalry Public Adjusters?

If you or someone you know has had a bad experience with a Public Adjuster we are sorry that it happen. Believe me, most Public Adjusters are hard workers that chose the profession to help in times of peril. At Cavalry Public Adjusters we are Licensed and Bonded, we follow the laws and statues that regulate all Public Adjusters doing business in the State of Florida. We recommend that you verify current license information by checking with the Florida Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services website at: (http://www.myfloridacfo.com/Data/AAR_ALIS1/index.htm) if you feel that a Public Adjuster is not handling your claim properly.

Beware of “Loss Consultants” which claim to be Public Adjusters but are not Licensed or Bonded and DO violate State Laws and Regulations. These individuals are “Hound Dogs” usually sent out by incognito Lawyers to sign up policyholders in desperate situations. We highly advise that you verify licensing information before hiring a Public Adjuster and signing any contract. Also, keep in mind that you have the right to cancel any signed contract within 72 hours, (3) days. (5 days during state of emergency as declared by the Governor).

What if I opened up a claim already and I’m not satisfied with the insurance response, settlement offer or my claim has been denied?

As stated above the ideal situation is to get a Public Adjuster involved before the claim is opened but Cavalry Public Adjusters can be dispatched at any stage of your claim process. We are experts at re-opening claims and can even successfully pursue a claim that has already been denied.

How much is Cavalry Public Adjusters service fees?

Cavalry Public Adjusters receives a pre-agreed small percentage of the claim settlement and we work on a contingency fee basis. (No recovery, No Payment). We only receive payment if we settle your claim. Our fee is offset by the Higher Paid Settlement we will get you. There are no risk with your finances. We cover our fee and still increase your recovery over what you would have received on your own.

At Cavalry Public Adjusters we take pride in our company motto: “Adjusting with… Integrity, Reliability & Results” We will never pressure you to open a claim that we feel may not be worth pursuing and if we believe that you would be better off handling your own claim due to the small losses encountered, we will let you know upfront and we will be happy to point you in the right direction and answer all your questions.

FREE Consultation, FREE Claim Analysis, FREE Policy Review, FREE Property Inspection