Insurance Claim Denial’s – Spellbound Tactics!

In the years that I have been working in the property insurance business, I have seen insurance companies every year increase the amount of denied claims by ridiculous numbers. Even more ridiculous are the reasons that the insurance adjusters are coming up to deny claims that were once paid out within 90 days of reporting the claim and should still be paid out today. I am talking about clear cut, sudden and accidental property damage with absolutely no argument to be made. So, what is going on?

Well, I believe that at some point in the past five or so years the insurance companies decided to train their insurance adjusters in what I call the; “Harry Potter Art of Magic Spells”. And no doubt that their favorite spell is the; “Deniaramus”.

I say this half joking because there is no explanation for most of the denials, I see time and time again. Seriously, it is sad to say but I must laugh when I get these denial letters from the insurance adjusters because I do not know what they are thinking.

I once had an insurance inspection and at the property the insurance inspector let me know that the claim was “good to go” and that he would send his estimate to the insurance adjuster within 2 days’ time. I then received a call from the assigned insurance adjuster 2 weeks later to tell me that the claim was denied. When I asked him on what bases, he could not give me a legitimate reason and I could hear him say, Deniaramus as if somehow, I was going to fall in a trance and agree with the denial. When I kept persisting for a clear reason for the denial he caved in and admitted to me that if he did not deny claims, he would be out of a job and that eventually the claim would be paid out in litigation. That way the insured would get a settlement and he gets to keep his job.  

This is a true story except the Deniaramus spell, but this conversation sums up practically every denial reason that comes across my desk. This claim did in fact get settled in litigation for a lot more money than what we could have negotiated it for a year before, but sadly there are many homeowners that don’t see a settlement because they are not represented and fall into the insurance spellbound tactics.

If your insurance company is trying to put the Deniaramus spell on your claim, do not fall for it. A denial by your insurance company now a days has zero merit because their standards are ridiculous. Expert Public Adjusters such as the experts of Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC can help you with insurance denials, low ball payouts and claim delays.

Cavalry Public Adjusters have the counter spell for the insurance companies Deniaramus. We hit them with, Payaramus!

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