You receive your water bill and notice that you owe hundreds of dollars more than what you usually pay and nothing has changed in your daily water use to justify a higher water bill.

Chances are that you have a leaky pipe somewhere in your home hidden from plain site. Here are some things to look for when investigating a hidden leak:

Most in coming water pipes are located underneath the floors. Turn on both the cold and hot valves on all your faucets and begin to walk around looking for damp spots, water stains or seeping water from the bottom of floors. Walk bare foot to feel any hot spots on your floor. If the leak is a big one you will also hear rushing water underneath the area of the leak. If you have pipes in your walls you can follow the same techniques but use your hands to feel for any hot spots. Don’t forget to inspect your ceilings for any sign of water damage as plumbing pipes may also run through your attic.

Look for mold or mildew and smell for any earthly or musty odors. You can be certain that if any of these signs are present you have a water leak somewhere in the area.

If the leak is elusive you will most likely require a professional to help you find the leak. A plumber equip with a leak detector would be the ideal choice. Once the leak is detected however, you will need to repair it. If the leak in underneath your floors, gaining access to the leak will require breaking your floors and slab. And what if this leak is the first of several leaks to come because of the condition of your plumbing pipes throughout the home, you will need to replace your plumbing pipes to avoid another leak in the near future.

When you consider the cost of the repairs, including demolition, restoration, clean up and replacing plumbing pipes. The cost is in the thousands, now add several more thousands to replace your floors, paint walls and any additional items to be replaced such as appliances and cabinets.

So what do you do? Well, if you have a Property Damage Policy for your home then you need to file a claim with your home insurance company. But before you do, it’s best that you call a licensed Public Adjuster who will help you document and navigate through the entire claim process like the professionals of Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC.

Cavalry Public Adjusters will represent you and ensure that you receive a fair settlement allowing you to repair your damages and restore your home to the same condition it was before your loss.

Call Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC. for a FREE consultation and property inspection. 305-898-7562.

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