Are You Living With A Homeowners’ Insurance “TIME BOMB” Policy?

Time Bomb

Homeowners’ Insurance Companies Failing YOU, Their Clients

Imagine that you come home to discover that your water heater burst and water spread through your home damaging your wood floors, kitchen cabinets and furniture. You immediately do everything you can to mitigate, including call your homeowners’ insurance company to report it.

The insurance schedules their inspector to come out to your property a few days later. In the meantime, your wood floors that were damaged begin to show signs of cupping, buckling and tenting. Your kitchen cabinets show signs of deteriorating and your home smells like mildew due to the humidity that is now affecting your drywalls and contents.

At your insurance inspection you are told that your policy contains a $10,000 limit for water damage. Surprised you ask why didn’t anyone tell me? In response, the insurance inspector tells you that you should have read your policy.

A week later, you receive a check from the insurance company for $2,000. But you are receiving quotes from contractors for over $50,000. You complain to your insurance and send them copies of your quotes. After 3 months of your claim being “under review” and countless calls from you, you receive another check for $8,000 with a letter telling you that you have received the maximum of your $10,000 water damage limit and your claim is now closed. Leaving you with over $40,000 in out of pocket expenses.

Oh yeah, by the way. The same insurance company that you have had for the past 8 years now increase your premiums from $3,000 a year to $6,000 a year.


Like the insurance inspector said; “Read your policy”. That is a true statement, sadly because you can’t trust your insurance company any longer. The carriers are now changing policy conditions and language and then burying it inside the policy.

So yeah, read your policy and if you find any conditions such as water damage limits or lack of endorsements call your insurance agent and demand a revised policy. This can be done at any time during your policy period. You can even shop around for a better policy and if you decide to go with a different carrier you will receive a refund for the pro-rata unused portion of your policy period.

Even paying a few more hundreds of dollars on your premium now, will be worth the money if you ever need to file a water damage claim in the future.

If you are un-satisfied about your claim settlement or claims handling by your insurance carrier, call experts that will review your claim and give you a free consultation like the expert Public Adjusters from Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC. The best practice is to call Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC immediately after your loss so you can have expert representation from the onset of your claim.

Cavalry Public Adjusters, “We Are Your Adjusters”.


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