Tips For A Successful Home Ins. Claim


  • Know Your Policy. Coverages and Exclusions are usually what Insurance Companies refer to when denying a claim. I’ve seen denied claims for erroneous reasons, often times the policy language is in the grey and insurance companies use this gray language to their advantage not yours.
  • Get a claim number from your insurance company as soon as possible. The sooner the better. Insurance companies put time limits for how much time a homeowner must report a claim. I’ve seen as little as 24 hours. This is an easy claim denial for them.
  • Take photos, video and document damages accurately. Most homeowners fail to document damages. A picture is a thousand words, a video ten thousand words. It’s hard for the insurance to deny a claim that has been properly documented.
  • Take steps to stop the damage from causing additional damages. Mitigate and Protect the property. This is also an easy reason for a denial. You want to protect the property, but you also need to preserve the evidence of cause of loss and the damages. Your home will require an insurance inspection and the evidence needs to be there or it will be a denial. Also, the inspector needs to see the damages mitigated or it will be a denial. This is a fine line and most homeowners get this part wrong without professional assistance.
  • Pay your insurance premiums on time. You don’t want to have a $20,000 loss denied because you forgot to pay your monthly premium installments.

Dealing with property damage is frustrating and time consuming. On top of that dealing with insurance companies and their inspectors is more than what most homeowners can handle. The navigation of property damage claims is often tricky, especially for those who are not familiar with the process and put themselves at the mercy of the insurance companies.

Hiring a professional such as the Public Adjusters at Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC will benefit and alleviate the claim process and ensure that you are not taken advantage of. A denied claim is never set in stone as far as Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC is concern. Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC provide FREE consultations and claim analysis, contact Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC at any stage of your claim process, even if your claim was denied. We Are You Adjusters. Office: 833-968-7235 / 833-Your-Adjusters. Email: Direct: 305-898-7562

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