Property Damage Claims Start With A “GOOD” Policy


There is a BIG difference in having a Property Damage policy for your home and having a GOOD Property Damage policy for your home.

Too many times I have seen a Homeowner dealing with serious property damage assume that just because a policy exist that it would cover all the damages.

Too many times I have to break the bad news that the policy is worthless under the current circumstances.

Too many times I have to hear; “Hey that’s what my Insurance Agent got me”… And that’s where the problem lies most of the time.

Ultimately the right insurance policy is the homeowner’s responsibility, it’s up to you to agree with what is written into your policy. Unfortunately, most people just sign in agreement because they trust that the Insurance Agent provided them with a “GOOD” policy.

Obtaining a “GOOD” policy starts with having a “GOOD” Insurance Agent. A good Insurance Agent is one that will take time to go over the policy with you and address any questions you have. A good Insurance Agent should point out any endorsements, exclusions and/or coverages that may affect any possible claims.

You may also contact Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC and request a FREE policy review BEFORE you sign any agreement, if you are still not sure the policy is the right one for you.


  1. What is the total deductible for both the Dwelling & Wind/Hurricane?
  2. Am I covered for Water Damage?
  3. Do I have a Water Damage CAP?
  4. Do I have any restrictions on who I can hire to make repairs or clean up damages?
  5. Are you an Independent Insurance Agent able to provide multiple insurance policies to compare rates and coverages?

The deductible is important because it is the amount that will be subtracted from any claim value you would receive to make repairs.

Water Damage coverage is important because it’s one of the most types of causes of damages to the home. Insurance companies know this and like to exclude and restrict it whenever possible.

More and more insurance companies are now adding a $10,000 CAP to water damages. The problem is that a simple faucet leak, burst pipe or toilet backup will probably cause two or three times or even more in repairs, replacements and permits. Your insurance will only pay you $10,000 even if your damages are worth $50,000 to repair.

Imagine not being able to hire that 5-star plumber, A/C repairman or contractor that your co-worker is referring you. Or you may have a professional handyman that has done great work for you in the past. Sorry but you can’t use them. Instead your insurance sends out pre-authorized workers that will do the job to their standards not yours (permits not included).

Remember that you are the consumer and just like shopping around for a car or any appliance you need to shop around for the best Insurance Agent that will provide you with a homeowner’s policy that actually covers your property properly and not put ridiculous restrictions on any possible claim you may have in the future.

Contact Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC for a FREE policy review and consultation. We Are Your Adjusters. Direct: 305-898-7562 Office: 833-968-7235 / 833-Your-Adjusters. Email:


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