Hurricane Irma – Lessons Learned


If you are one of the more than 1 million homeowners who filed a Hurricane Irma claim across the state of Florida, you are most likely to have been disappointed by your home insurance carrier. Almost two years later thousands of homeowners are still fighting with their property insurance companies. Frustrated homeowners are paying high premiums only to be forgotten as soon as a Hurricane claim is filed and in reality; any property damage claim since Hurricane Irma. Why? 

Virtually every insurance company, especially the big ones eagerly sold policies to thousands and thousands of property owners happily taking overpriced premiums. The problem is that these same insurance companies knowingly took in more than what they could chew. The insurance companies operating with Skelton crews knew that if a disaster occurred, like Hurricane Irma, they would not be prepared to service their customers when it was needed the most.  

So how did the insurance companies decide to “take care” of their customers? By hiring sub-contracting insurance adjusting companies, who in turn hired out of state “inspectors” most with little or no experience. These so-called inspectors had one mission and it wasn’t to fairly inspect your home. Their true mission was to get in and out of your property as soon as possible, complete as many inspections as possible and collect the fattest check so they could get back to whatever state they came from. Leaving homeowners’ claims in disarray.  

Insurance companies are masters of delay and deny. They knew that they where going to have tons of customers asking; what the F@#% as soon as they received the insurance decision letter in the mail. Do they care? No. In fact, this is a strategy they used with the presumption that a big percentage of policyholders will just give up and go away.  

So what can a Policyholder do to defend themselves against the shenanigans of these insurance companies and gain the upper hand? 

Immediately after a Hurricane/Storm or any damage to your property for that matter, you need to get a Public Adjuster involved. Why would this make a difference? First off, a Public Adjuster like the expert Public Adjusters of Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC., works for YOU not the insurance companies. Cavalry Public Adjusters are licensed and bonded in the State of Florida and are trained and skilled to handle all property insurance claims.  

Another benefit with hiring Cavalry Public Adjusters as soon as any damage occurs, especially after a Hurricane is that your claim is opened same day and your claim will receive the attention of the same Public Adjuster including; inspections, meetings, estimates and negotiations. The same Cavalry Public Adjuster will work your claim from the very beginning, to the successful resolution of your claim. All for a very small percentage of the settlement. No out of pocket expense to you, if you don’t receive a settlement, then Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC. is not owed anything, ZERO. 

To file a claim or to get us involved because you are not satisfied with how your claim has or is being handled call: (Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC.) 833-968-7235/833-YOUR-ADJUSTERS.

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