Is Vandalism Covered Under Your Home Insurance Policy?


Simply put, the definition of vandalism is purposefully destroying or defacing someone’s property without their consent. Basically, if someone intentionally does something to damage your property without your approval, it qualifies as vandalism.

Your home is your safe place, your refuge, your sanctuary. No one imagines coming home to find that it has been invaded and vandalized. But it happens every day to tens of thousands of homeowners across the nation. So what about the resulting damages? Broken doors, broken windows, broken furniture, stolen property to name a few. That’s what homeowner’s insurance is for and why most homeowner’s insurance policies include coverage for acts of vandalism.
One of the most overlooked homeowners’ claims is often vandalism. Many homeowners are not even aware that they can file a vandalism claim and even those that do are too overwhelmed to properly do an accurate assessment of damages to file a claim with their insurance company.

A victim of vandalism to their home will rightfully be in a state of shock, fear and no where in the right state of mind to deal with the nuisance of the claim process and all the details that the insurance company will require.

So what is a victim of home vandalism to do?

Here is a list of the best course of action that will not only help you restore your home life to what it was before the vandalism but also getting you the hands on help you need with your claim process while giving you the peace of mind and time to be with your family instead of spending countless hours, days, weeks and even months of dealing with your insurance company.

1. Call the police and file an extensive police report. This report will be vital to your insurance claim, since it’s a detailed and accurate account of the damages that occurred.
2. Call a licensed Public Adjuster as soon as possible such as the expert Public Adjusters of Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC., who are skilled at home vandalism claims to give you a FREE consultation. They are ready to conduct a damage assessment with a complete inventory list and will represent you and your interest throughout the entire claim process from the initial call to your insurance company to the final resolution of your claim.
3. Take pictures of the crime scene for evidence.
4. You can try to minimize the damage, like boarding up a broken window, but don’t make any repairs before the Public Adjuster and insurance adjuster/inspector has a chance to inspect damages.
5. File a claim. (Call Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC.) 833-968-7235/833-YOUR-ADJUSTERS.



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