WEAR & TEAR – Two Words Property Insurance Companies’ Love To Use.

Wear-and-TearYou wake up early one morning, walk over to your kitchen to put on a pot of coffee and walking into the hallway you step into a pool of water.  As you investigate the flood in your home you find that your Air Conditioner sprung a leak. You immediately begin to mitigate by placing buckets under the A/C to catch the leak and utilize every available towel in your home to soak up the water and mop up the floors dry. You then call an A/C repair man who inspects you’re A/C and determines that you need to replace the A/C which will be a costly job.

Later that afternoon you notice that your wood floors have warped and discolored, requiring that your floors be replaced. Realizing that your cost is now in the thousands of dollars, you dig up your home insurance policy and call in your claim.


The next day a friendly insurance agent shows up and inspects your A/C, and the water damage to your floors. The inspector takes pictures and measurements and tells you that someone will be in touch with you soon.

A week later the only contact you receive from your insurance carrier is a letter in the mail informing you that your claim has been denied due to; WEAR & TEAR.

This means that they will not cover the damage to a home if a building material or appliance already needed to be replaced. This includes everyday wear and tear, which will be identified by your adjuster if they find that the cause of damage is old, rotten or due for replacement.

After several attempts from you to get a better explanation and have your claim reconsidered you are told that your claim is closed and there is nothing else to discuss.

Unfortunately, most homeowners will just take this outcome and do nothing else to recover their losses from the insurance company.


If you have experienced a loss to your home and opened a claim only to be disappointed by your insurance carrier with a denial letter due to WEAR & TEAR or any other cause, you don’t need to accept this outcome as the official end of your claim.

The fact is, most homeowners who consult with Public Adjusters such as the professionals at Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC is due to claims that have been previously denied by the insurance carriers and 99% of these denied claims are reopened and successfully settled after Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC gets involved.  

Public Adjusters such a those for Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC work for YOU not the insurance companies.


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