What Do Hurricane Irma Claims Have In Common? FRUSTRATED POLICYHOLDERS!

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Policyholders are consumers, consumers are customers and you would think that as a customer your property insurance company would try to help you get your life back together as fast as possible after a catastrophic event. That is certainly not the case right now in Florida.

In most large loss claims such as with Hurricane Irma claims we can expect the road to recovery to be long and stressful, but the insurance companies are not helping at all when it comes to navigating this road. In fact, they are doing everything possible for their insureds to run into every obstacle on that road and in most cases; hope that the insured’s find a dead-end.


According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the number one consumer complaint regarding the claims process is due to claim delays. If you were impacted by Hurricane Irma in Florida, you are probably disgusted by your property insurance company and their handling of your claim.

Since Hurricane Irma, the state has been bombarded with complaints against insurance companies. Claim delays top the list of complaints. Claim denial complaints come in second.

Why Does It Take So Long To Settle A Claim?

In Florida, the property insurance companies have 90 days to determine if your claim will be paid or denied. If they pay your claim it’s probably a low-ball check and if you complain they will give you the “take it or leave it” attitude. If they deny your claim they will tell you that your claim is closed and send you on your merry way.

Your only option for both the low-ball offer and the denial is to seek the help of a Public Adjuster or Attorney. Getting representation will surely get you the settlement your claim should have received from the beginning, but it will require patience, patience and more patience as your insurance will delay, delay and delay.


Getting Help

Start by talking to public adjusters. Public Adjusters such as the experts of Cavalry Public Adjusters are independent insurance professional that a policyholder may hire to help settle an insurance claim on his or her behalf and can save policyholders time and frustration. In addition, hiring the services of Cavalry Public Adjusters for large loss claims mean receiving a fair settlement from your insurance company.

Have questions about your insurance coverage or insurance settlement amount, or if you would like a free claim review we encourage you to give us a call at 833-968-7235; 833-Your-Adjusters or 305-898-7562 or visit us at www.cavalrypublicadjusters.com





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