Florida Homeowners’ Living Under Blue Tarps, Still Singing The Blues

fl-bz-insurers-claim-release-language-20180103 Across Florida, Hurricane Irma has so far generated 900,228 claims to all insurance carriers, according to the state Office of Insurance Regulation. Of those, 479,673 have been closed with payments and 293,229 were closed with no payment, primarily because the damage value did not exceed policyholders’ hurricane deductibles; according to the damage estimates completed by Insurance Adjuster’s.

An umpteen number of homeowners’ who filed a Hurricane Irma claim with their carrier are still dealing with their property damage well after 6 months of reporting losses with no payments or still waiting for a resolution.  Shamefully, almost 300,000 of the Hurricane Irma claims in the State of Florida have not been paid. Some of the largest home insurance companies in Florida, are fighting tooth and nail not to settle Irma claims, dragging the claims into litigation while homeowners’ continue to suffer under leaking ceilings’ and blue tarps.


The decision not to pay on most of these claims is due to the incompetence of Insurance Adjuster’s that were contracted by the hundreds to inspect damages and provide an estimate of repairs to the insurance carrier’s. By far, these estimates are grossly under valued and poorly scoped. The majority of these Insurance Adjuster’s showed up from out of State with little knowledge of local codes and material cost; and some were writing estimates for the first time.

With Hundreds of Thousands of Hurricane Irma claims opened; these Insurance Adjuster’s were overwhelmed with inspections and their objective was to close as many estimates as they could in the quickest amount of time, so they could get paid and head back home. Leaving homeowners’ behind to receive a no payment letter or low-ball offer.

The Department of Financial Services has received countless of complaints from policyholders’ stating that the Insurance Adjuster inspection at their property was inadequate due to an incomplete inspection and even more complaints that their Insurance Adjuster never even performed a roof inspection when the obvious signs of wind damage and ceiling leaks where present. These same complainants received a no payment decision or even worse a claim denial.

So, what can you do if you are one of the 300,000 homeowners’ that didn’t receive payment for your losses? It’s important to point out that a decision from your insurance carrier is not final. As stated above, most insurance carriers hired third party contractor’s to provide them with an estimate in which the insurance carrier bases their decision to pay or not to pay and how much to pay. These estimates are just an opinion. Homeowners’ have the right to obtain a second opinion. Public Adjuster’s such as the experts of Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC are skilled in providing you with an unbiased estimate that will reflect the true value of your property damages.


If you are a homeowner’ dealing with a Hurricane Irma claim that has not been paid, under paid, denied or is still pending you have the right to be well represented. Cavalry Public Adjusters will represent you against your insurance company and will review the insurance decision on your claim to ensure that your claim was or is being properly managed and adjusted.

Cavalry Public Adjusters; we are Your Adjusters. For a free consultation and home inspection with a complete damage assessment call: 1-833-968-7235, (833)-Your-Adjusters.

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