“The Claim Game” – It’s Check Mate Time On Insurance Companies’.


The insurance companies invest millions of dollars on their insurance agents to become “Chess Master’s” in the Claim Game. The tactics they use are the same across all insurance companies and they are very skilled in protecting the insurance companies’ financial interest, not yours!

Every year the Florida Division of Consumer Services receives thousands of policyholders’ complaints regarding unpaid or underpaid property damage claims. The number of complaints supports the use of these tactics to underpay or deny property claims that should have received a fair settlement.


As a consumer/policyholder you should be aware of these tactics and know your rights.

  1. Insurance Adjusters will try and get you on the record as soon as possible and before you may wise up and seek out representation. They do this with a friendly smile and a perception that they are helping you. In fact, this is a tactic designed to get you on the record with something they can use to deny your claim. You have the right to decline the interview and hire a Public Adjuster that will protect your claim.
  2. Insurance Adjusters may try to convince you that they have grounds to deny your claim but in an “act of kindness” they are offering you a check. This amount will be bare minimum and may not even cover the cost of materials to repair your damage. The tactic is to get you to sign a broad release that will free them of any further monetary obligation in the future and close your claim. You have the right to decline any check that you feel is inadequate and consult a Public Adjuster to review your claim.
  3. Insurance companies will want to make you think that they have the best mitigation and repair company’s and send you their contractors to oversee the repairs in your home. This tactic is only to protect their financial interest not yours. Insurance companies have pre-selected contractors who are obligated to work under the terms of their contracts. The goal is to do the bare minimum repairs at the absolute cheapest prices and for the contractors to provide you and your insurance company a ‘good health report” on your property damage claim. Giving you the illusion that everything is back to normal but leaving you with an inadequate repair job that will resurface in the future. By that the time your claim is closed and you are unable to re-open the claim or even file a new one for the same damages. In addition, with the repairs deemed complete no check is issued out. Under most policies, you have the right to decline their contractors and choose your own contractors. If this tactic is used it should be a red flag and you should consult with a Public Adjuster to review the terms of your policy. www.cavalrypublicadjusters.com
  4. Sometimes insurance companies know that you have a solid claim worth thousands even tens of thousands of dollars but instead of writing you a settlement check they drag the claim along by reassigning your insurance adjusters, avoiding contact and using every means to delay your claim. This tactic is to get you so frustrated that by the time they offer you a small fraction of what your claim is worth, you accept it on the spot and sign a full release just so you can be done with the process. If you feel that your claim is not being handled properly you have the right to consult with a Public Adjuster who will review your claim and speed things up.
  5. In the insurance world, the best tactic is this: It is easier to say NO now and YES later, than to say YES now and NO later. Simply put, if I’m an insurance adjuster and I have 100 claims sitting on my desk and I say NO to all 100 policyholders’ the majority of the policyholders’ will give up and just go away. This will reduce my claim pile dramatically and save the company tens of thousands of dollars and yes millions across the company when you add all the legitimate claims that are given up every year by policyholders’. Those policyholders’ that do stay I will just employ the tactics mentioned above and by the end I will only have to payout the fair value on a few of them (usually the claims that are represented by a Public Adjuster.) You have the right to know that just because your insurance company denies your claim you don’t need to walk away. You should consult with a Public Adjuster to review the merits of the denial. At Cavalry Public Adjusters we have assisted clients with obtaining a fair settlement even after their claim was denied.
  6. Insurance adjusters will steer you away from consulting with a Public Adjuster and try to convince you that they will only take a big portion of your check and complicate things. They will try and convince you that you are in trusting hands and are being dealt with fairly. This tactic is a big red flag and you should know that you are about to make a big mistake by accepting and signing your claim away for a very small settlement. You have the right to consult and hire a Public Adjuster who is on the same playing field as the Insurance Adjuster and will only oversee your best financial interest. A Public Adjuster such as those at Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC will provide you with a free consultation and claim review. They will only begin working on your claim once you agree to their small fee that will only be collected when the settlement is final. The settlement will be much higher than the settlement you would have received on your own, so your financial gain is maximized even after the fee is paid.

Ask yourself, would you sit down to play chess with a “Chess Master” if you had so much at stake to lose? Or, would you seek out another “Chess Master” to play on your behalf?

At Cavalry Public Adjusters we have Public Adjusters who are expert “Chess Masters”, who know what tactics the insurance companies applies and who are one step ahead of the insurance companies’ representatives.

For a FREE consultation contact Cavalry Public Adjusters at: 305-898-7562. cavalryclaims@gmail.com www.cavalrypublicadjusters.com

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