Will My Homeowners’ Insurance Pay For My Roof Leaks?


Whether or not homeowners insurance covers leaks in your roof, and any resulting damage, depends on what caused the leak. If, for instance, a windstorm or hail damaged your roof, your insurance would likely cover repairs or replacement. But if a maintenance issue like wear and tear is the cause, then you’d likely be responsible for the costs.

Being a homeowner means staying abreast with repairs, especially when it comes to your home’s first line of defense — the roof. If a tree falls in a brutal storm and careens through your shingles, this type of damage is more clear – cut and harder for the insurance to deny. That’s why it’s important to read over your homeowners’ policy and consult with an expert like the expert’s at Cavalry Public Adjusters so that you know what’s covered by your homeowners insurance.


Cavalry Public Adjusters promises to fight for your roof leak claim harder than any other advocate. We have been successful in obtaining settlements with many roof claims even when other public adjusters and advocates fail. Has your roof claim been denied? Cavalry Public Adjusters can re-open denied roof claims. We guarantee a settlement or you owe nothing.

Spotting a roof leak early on could prevent more extensive repairs like water damage to your ceiling and mold growth in your insulation. However, finding the roof leak’s point of origin may prove difficult — sometimes even more so than fixing the leak itself. That’s because water will often infiltrate the roof in one location but trickle down to another location, where it starts to dampen the ceiling and walls.

Cavalry Public Adjusters are trained to find and track even the most furtive leaks. We look for roof penetrations, check the attic, investigative the insulation, mitigate the source and handle all aspects of your insurance claim.


In the event the unthinkable happens, you want dependable coverage for your home, family, and belongings. Homeowners insurance guards against a wide spectrum of disasters and can help you repair or rebuild after covered incidents like windstorms or hail (to name just a few).

Is your roof covered? Get a free consultation and policy review at the convenience of your home with a visit from Cavalry Public Adjusters.

Contact Cavalry Public Adjusters at: 305-898-7562, cavalryclaims@gmail.com www.cavalrypublicadjusters.com

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