Property Insurance Companies: “Right to Repair” -VS- Policyholders’: “Zero Rights”


In recent years Florida insurance companies have begun to invoke the practice of “Right to Repair” (also known as option to repair) or (managed repair) as part of their doing business with homeowners who are their policyholders’. Some of the Florida insurance companies engaging in this practice are: People’s Trust, Peninsula Insurance Company, Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance Company and Prepared Insurance Company.

Some insurance companies are now sending out “Rapid Response Teams” which are suppose to be jack of all trades but really are masters of none.

As a policyholder’s advocate I would advise extreme caution before signing any homeowners / business owner policy that would stipulate a “Right to Repair” clause into your contract.

In short, you are signing away your rights to be in control of what contractor or repairman repairs the damages to your property. Also, you will never see a settlement check. Why is this important? The insurance companies will use the “bottom feeders” to repair your damages. These are the contractors that have agreed to work for the insurance companies for the absolute lowest fees in exchange for higher workloads. They come in and put a “Band-Aid”   on your damage then give the insurance companies a “Good Health Report” on your claim.

Months later when the same damage comes back the insurance company denies coverage and leaves you with big out of pocket expenses. Way to often the right to repair process results in policyholders’ complaints which include:

  • Unlawful repairs and repairs performed without permits
  • A total lack of control over the repairs
  • Substandard repairs
  • Partial repairs, resurfacing instead of replacing with new materials
  • Cheap materials
  • Rude and uncooperative contractors
  • Lost time, being on the contractors schedule
  • Reoccurring damages

Insurance companies want to defend the “Right to Repair” clause by stating that the policyholders’ save money by paying less premiums. The problem is that the policyholders’ are loosing out financially with thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses when property damage occurs.

Even if you have a “Right to Repair” policy, after a loss you don’t need to allow your insurance company to repair your property if you are not satisfied or comfortable with the way your claim is being processed or the contractors selected. It is important to know you do have rights, your legal rights. You don’t need to sign any documentation presented to you by your insurance company without first talking to a Public Adjuster such as the experts at Cavalry Public Adjusters to guide you through your property damage claim.

I recommend that before any serious property damage occurs you review your current property insurance policy and if a “Right to Repair” is written into your policy seek out your insurance agent to make sure you understand exactly what rights you have and not have if a property damage claim would need to be opened. If you are not in agreement with the “Right to Repair” ask your agent to look for the RIGHT insurance company and policy for you.

Call Cavalry Public Adjusters for a free consultation regarding your right to repair insurance claim. 305-898-7562.


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