Complicated Property Damage Claims. Not So Complicated – For The Experts.


A roof just collapsed or a plumbing problem backed up and flooded a home or business, maybe a faucet pipe burst or someone forgot to turn off the kitchen stove and a property burned down. These are all a few examples of property damage claims that will occur across the nation as you are reading this post. Maybe today is the day that your very own water heater will give way flooding your home? Hopefully you will never have to experience property damage to the degree that it impacts your finances. But what if? What will you do?

Do you know that your insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company? That contract spells out things that should be done (terms and conditions), and things that should not be done after you have had a claim filed. Your failure to comply with the policy’s terms and conditions could result in your claim not being paid.

Here are some things to know that will help you with your claim.

First you need to open up a claim, the question you need to ask yourself is: Do I deal with the insurance claim myself or do I hire representation? This decision needs to be made quickly as every minute counts and as stated above under your terms and conditions your insurance needs to be notified promptly. But notifying your insurance company on time is a MUST by you or your representative if you choose to hire one.

Things to consider as you decide whether to work the claim yourself or hire representation: 

What is the exact extent of damage to the property? How much are the repairs going to cost? Should you pay anyone out of pocket? Is the offer you are receiving from the insurance company fair? Should you sign the finial release the insurance company is requesting?

Should you remove damaged property or alter the scene where the claim occurred, you may have your claim denied if your actions compromised the insurance companies’ ability to investigate the claim. The insurance company has the right to inspect all damaged property at anytime during the claim. They also have the right to investigate the cause of the loss and pursue other responsible parties.

If this sounds complicated or confusing it’s because property damage claims are complicated and usually requires expertise that the average homeowners lack. The insurance companies have experts looking out for their best interest. Shouldn’t you have experts on your side looking out for your best interest?

I believe by now you should know that hiring a public adjuster like the experts of Cavalry Public Adjusters is the best option you have as a homeowner dealing with property damage.

The consultation is FREE, you get an expert from Cavalry Public Adjusters to visit your home or business; review your policy and inspect the damage all with no obligation or cost to you. If you decide to hire Cavalry Public Adjusters you pay zero out of pocket. If your claim is not settled then you owe nothing. Cavalry Public Adjusters receive a small pre agreed fee from the total settlement which is offset by the higher settlement you will receive.

Cavalry Public Adjusters: 305-898-7562.

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