Why Is My Property Damage Claim Being Denied?


First it’s important to know that just because your insurance company denies your claim, it doesn’t automatically end there.  You can absolutely seek out representation to review the merits of the claim denial. (Cavalry Public Adjusters provide denied claim reviews FREE of charge)  In fact, it would be a huge mistake if you didn’t do just that. Cavalry Public Adjusters has represented many homeowners/business owners who have had their property damage claim initially denied and still have received big settlements once the claim denial was challenged by the experts of Cavalry Public Adjusters.


Here are some common reasons why an insurance company would deny your property damage claim.

Exclusion clauses:

Every property insurance policy comes with its exclusions. If the cause of your property damage is excluded from coverage in your policy, then you can expect your claim to be denied. What you don’t know is that the insurance adjuster is utilizing the exclusion clause based on the information YOU are providing. Chances are YOU are not a public adjuster, structural engineer or have any building knowledge and YOU will give the wrong information as to the cause. YOU can bet that the insurance adjuster will most certainly not assist you even when he knows there is a more factual source to the property damage. Don’t be mad at the insurance adjuster, he works for the insurance company NOT you and it’s up to you to prove that your claim is covered to the insurance company not the other way around. That is why it’s a good idea to seek out representation even before you begin to speak with anyone from the insurance company.

Not filing on time:

Your insurance policy will require that you notify them promptly of any loss. There are also time sensitive requirements for the filing and documentation of any claim. However, there can be valid reasons to the time delay and the wording on your policy can be open to interpretation. Here a Cavalry Public Adjuster can sit with you and review your policy and discuss the circumstances as to the time delay.


False statements or questionable claims:

Post-disaster you can expect your insurance company to send their own adjuster to investigate your claim. They may also hire a structural engineer to evaluate the property damage even further. In most cases a Recorded Statement is conducted. If they find anything suspicious or questionable involving the original application for coverage or with the claim itself, it is possible that your claim will be denied. The best defense here is to be honest with your insurance agent when first taking out your homeowners’ insurance policy. Of course, having a Cavalry Public Adjuster by your side from the onset is always the best idea.

Non-payment of premiums:

Keeping up with your premium payments is especially important. Your insurance company will require that you pay your premium on time. Obviously if you have not been paying for insurance coverage then you are not covered if and when damage occurs.


Insufficient documentation of the damage:

As we pointed out above, one of your responsibilities as a property owner is to file and prove your claim to the insurance company.  It is not the insurance company’s job to prove the claim to themselves. Therefore, it is important that you accurately document the damage done to your property in a detailed manner by taking photographs in the aftermath to submit to help prove your case. When you hire a Cavalry Public Adjuster this is the first thing we begin to do the minute we arrive at the property. Many claims get denied because of the untrained eyes of the homeowner.

Not taking sufficient preventative measures following a loss:

Following a property loss, the policyholder is required to protect the property from further damage and to mitigate the extent of loss. Leaving the property exposed to additional loss and not taking reasonable steps to reduce the extent of the loss, could be grounds for a denial. Here is important that you protect the property from additional loss BUT not repair the damage that is being claimed before inspections. Often times there are multiple inspections to be scheduled throughout the claims process. Again, due to lack of expertise by the homeowners many claims are denied because the claimed damage was repaired even before the first inspection was conducted.

Property damage claims can be time consuming and difficult for those who are not familiar with the ins-and-outs of a property claim. Hiring a professional such as a Cavalry Public Adjuster to help file your claim, document damages, and negotiate with your insurance company can be essential and beneficial to your settlement. Call Cavalry Public Adjusters: 305-898-7562 to schedule a visit to your property for a FREE inspection and policy review with no obligations.



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