Handling Your Own Property Damage Claim? Prepare To Be Disappointed.


Actual Complaints Of Homeowner’s dealing with their property damage claim without representation:

Chris 2017: Recently we noticed mold in the house and contacted insurance company. It seems to everyone that roof leakage has been the cause. During claim I told them about my experience with the roofer as I had replaced a brand new roof just 2 years back. I got call back today from the adjuster stating that claim has been denied as it is not covered and it is due to water leak. I have mold coverage in my policy but adjuster is stating that any damage caused by water intrusion is excluded. Roofer is declining to roof leakage and telling me that it is not roof. I have lost money for roof and now mold inspection and removal process is going to cost more than $12,000.

Susan 2017: Roof was replaced two years before we purchased. Didn’t know roof was that new, started getting sick in 2015 and really bad in 2016 when we repainted a kitchen and put a new floor in January of this year 2017 saw water pouring out of the siding and thought it was from a previous claim we were denied after a bad hail storm with obvious damage. After much frustration if unexplained illnesses we tore into the kids walls. After we filed the claim, notified insurance next morning and took pictures showing the black mold. Though we have fungi coverage they denied our claim. We asked for a second look. They sent a structural engineer out. Still denying! We don’t know what to do. The repairs are so extensive that the roof alone was estimated over $15K. Doesn’t include the east side of the house we already repaired to protect the house and even more our children! Insurance won’t budge!

Amanda 2017: We had an issue with a leak behind a wall in 2014. The entire wall was taken down and replaced, down to the wiring and hoses to the fridge. We had no issues with the claim then, they were pretty decent. Then, we found out that mold had grown and were told it could be attached to the first claim and then I would only have the remainder of the $5,000 limit or if they decided it was new then we would have the entire $5,000 less the deductible. Well, when they saw the damage they decided it would be best to make it a new claim so they can charge off the deductible again and give me $91 even though there is no current leak and SERVPRO called it “dry mold”. I have called, emailed, called, and emailed asking for an explanation as to how they decided to say it was a “new instance”. Why no reply? I would guess because the only reason they had for making it a new claim was to not pay me.


Insurance companies put on a friendly face when soliciting your business. Every insurance company claims that it is friendly to the policyholder and always works in the best interest of the insured. But that all ends when you submit a claim on your policy and it comes time for the insurance company to pay up. Insurance policyholders frequently find themselves in a seemingly never-ending struggle to get their insurance company to pay out at all when the policyholder needs it the most.

Don’t Fight With Your Insurance Company… Let Us Fight for You.

For a FREE policy review and insurance claim consultation call: Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC. 305-898-7562 or email: cavalryclaims@gmail.com


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