Insurance Property Adjusters, Can You Trust Them?


When you experience property damage and a claim needs to be filed, who should you trust when you need assistance with the claim process? Identifying the “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” is an important first step.

There are three types of adjusters: public, independent, and company. There is a definite difference between independent and company adjusters from the public adjusters. The most important one being that only public adjusters are hired by policyholders.

On the other hand, independent and company adjusters work for the insurance company. They will tell you that their goal is still to help the insured work through the claims process. The truth is that they have several bosses and none of them are YOU.  They look out for the insurance companies’ best interest not YOURS.

When you hire a Public Adjuster like the professionals at Cavalry Public Adjusters you can be assured that YOUR best interest is the only interest, and we only work for YOU never the insurance companies’.

Company adjusters (also called staff adjusters) are employed directly by the insurance company, while independent adjusters are contractors who are hired by multiple insurance companies (usually smaller entities, during catastrophic storms, or in remote areas). This means that the company adjusters are salaried employees and independent adjusters are hired based on their daily rate whenever needed. Both legally represent the rights of the insurance company during the claims process while investigating and resolving claims. However, they still may go through an intermediary adjusting company that supervises their work and ensures the quality of their work.

Why have public adjusters on your side? Once the claims process begins, the company or independent adjuster uses the information provided in the loss notice to investigate the claim. Beware, that from the very beginning their goal is to find and use any information they can against you and if at all possible to deny your claim. This especially happens again and again when you don’t have a public adjuster representing you.

When you hire a public adjuster from Cavalry Public Adjusters we will remain by your side and be the point of contact throughout the claims process. As stated above, independent and company adjusters work for and are paid to look out for the insurance companies’, but public adjusters are the remedy to their biased point of view.

Contrary to what you may hear, insurers will never give YOU the policyholder the benefit of the doubt.

Independent and company adjusters have a duty (if they want to keep their job) to interpret any ambiguities in the insurance contract to favor the insurance company (their employer) and will normally meet that standard, regardless of the legitimacy of the policyholders claim.

There is no doubt; insurance companies would like nothing better than to have policyholders work their own claims without public adjusters looking out for them.

Fortunately for the policyholders public adjusters are here to stay and we are more than ever being viewed as the “Knights In Shining Armor” coming to the rescue of policyholders against the mighty insurance dragons!

Public adjusters are involved in claims in almost every city across the United States. Though it may be the insurance company’s duty to investigate a loss in an efficient manner, the presence of so many public adjusters means that policyholders have learned not to trust the insurance companies and are looking to outside sources to help them complete a claim.

Contact Cavalry Public Adjusters, 305-898-7562 today if you need assistance with your loss we will be happy to visit your property and provide you with a FREE consultation.

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