Homeowners Insurance Claim Denied? Insurance Companies Utilizing Puppets.

puppet2   In 2012 Hurricane Sandy affected 24 states, with particularly severe damage in New Jersey and New York. Damage in the United States amounted to $71.4 billion.

3 years later in 2015 60 minutes correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi interviews Brad Kieserman, FEMA Deputy Associate Administrator for Insurance, regarding evidence of fraud in Hurricane Sandy insurance reports.

Every homeowner paying for property insurance should watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM0zRJ4hMrQ  (copy & paste).

Excerpt from interview: “I’m not going to sit here and conceal the fact that it happened. Because in the last three weeks, I’ve seen evidence of it,” says Kieserman. He is referring to engineering reports that originally blamed flood water for severe structural home damage, but were then changed to say there was no structural damage to homes. The changed reports were used to justify a heavily reduced insurance payout. It’s a scenario under which hundreds of Hurricane Sandy victims are now suing insurance companies and engineering firms, who are part of the FEMA-backed flood program.


Bob Kaible of Long Beach, N.Y. Kaible said he had proof his engineering report had been altered to deny most of his claim. But he got nowhere with his insurance company. He tells Alfonsi, “We ended up having to sell the property…I had estimates of 300 to $350 to rebuild the house. I’m getting $60,000. What am I going to do?”

2017 present time; 5 years after Hurricane Sandy homeowners are still fighting their insurance company and more and more engineering/insurance reports are found to be altered to falsely support a denial.

Sadly property insurance engineering companies decided to go into bed with the insurance companies a long time ago and continue to be their puppets. I have yet to hear from a Public Adjuster or Attorney who has ever seen an engineering report initiated by the insurance company that reflects beneficial for the homeowner regardless of the facts and legitimacy of the claim.

9 out of 10 property damage claims where an engineering report exists will be denied, no matter the cause. However, the denial of a claim is not the end of the fight. My advice to the homeowners is to seek an advocate that will fight for you.

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