Property Damage “Loss Consultants”, The Great Imposters.


Are You Hiring The Right Professional For Your Property Damage Claim?

It’s 2 AM and you suddenly wake up to a screeching smoke alarm, you jump out of bed and grab your cell phone and dial 911 at the same time yelling for your family to get out of the home as the smoke gets denser and the fire in the family room spreads out of control.

30 minutes later you are standing with your family a safe distance as you watch the firefighters fighting a good fight trying to save what’s left of your home

Surrounded by your loved ones you try to process what is happening and a stranger taps you on your shoulder and enthusiastically introduces himself. “Hello there, I’m Joe Schmo Loss Consultant. Is your home insured”? “Here is my card, I like to explain how I can help you open up a Fire claim and get you lots of money”! Well into sunrise more “Joe Schmos” with contract in hand keep coming and you haven’t had time yet to assess your situation.

This scene plays out over and over every day in every county in Florida. For your information, Loss Consultants working in the insurance industry are actually acting illegally in the state of Florida. Preying on property damage victims and more specifically victims of home fires, tornado’s and hurricanes. Be aware that Loss Consultants are not licensed and are restricted from working on any insurance claims and in no way can represent the policyholder but falsely mislead policyholders’ to sign “their” contracts.

What is a Loss Consultant? Generally a Loss Consultant is a person who is hired to “chase” disasters and find insurance claims of “high value.” They are paid to; “get the contract signed.”  However they have absolutely no legal authority to work or advocate on your behalf. In fact, the Loss Consultant will disappear after the contract is signed and avoid contact going forward.

Sadly, Loss Consultants are a creation of opportunist such as unethical attorneys, scrupulous general contractors, low caliber mitigation/restoration companies and even former Public Adjusters whose licenses have been revoked due to corrupt practices.

Make no mistake, if you are a victim of a property disaster great or small, you will want your insurance claim to be in the best possible hands. You will want your advocate to be honest with you from the very beginning and a professional with the utmost integrity. You will want good communication and a clear path to resolving your property insurance claim.

Do you imagine receiving this from a Loss Consultant who is actually already breaking the law from the moment he knocks on your door or taps you on your shoulder at 2 AM.

My advice to policyholders’ and victims of property disasters is simply to never sign a contract until you know exactly who you are doing business with. The biggest mistake you can make is to sign a contract when you are at your most vulnerable state, no matter how great the “sales pitch” sounds.

If you do sign a contract especially in a moment of weakness, know your rights. You have the right to terminate that contract within 3 business days of execution (5 days during state of emergency as declared by the Governor).

You should also know that verifying the credentials of a licensed and bonded Public Adjuster who can represent you on your property damage claim and advocate on your behalf is as simple as checking the Florida Department of Financial Services website :

Contact Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC to put your insurance property damage claim in the right hands. Our Public Adjusters are licensed and bonded in the State of Florida and ready to advocate for you. FREE consultation. 305-898-7562.

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