Your Homeowners’ Insurance Company Not Playing By The Rules?

penaltyEvery year the Florida Department of Insurance receives and processes thousands of individual complaints from policyholders against their homeowners’ insurance company.  The complaints vary from improper denial or delay in the settlement of a claim. Illegal cancellation or termination of an insurance policy and misrepresentation by an agent and problems regarding insurance premiums and rates.

Know your rights as a consumer. If you ever find that you need to file an insurance complaint with your state insurance commissioner, there are a few things you will want to do or be prepared to do. First, go to: and find out what the process is to file a complaint. Many state insurance commissioners will have a complaint form available to download or fill out online. Once you know how to start the process, you will want to compile every piece of documentation that pertains to the complaint and start keeping records of all phone conversations and agent contacts. Most all insurance companies have large insurance claims departments and service call centers where you will almost always speak to a new person each time you contact the insurance claims department, so it is important for you to keep your own records of all conversations with the insurance company.

In addition to filing a complaint, policyholders usually seek out the assistance of a Public Adjuster for complaints related to claim settlements, delays and denial. The great majority of these complaints are resolved eventually in favor of the policyholders.

If you or your Public Adjuster determines that it may be possible that your insurance company is guilty of Bad Faith, meaning that they have treated you unfairly either in the process of investigating your claim, denying coverage for it, or settling it. Then the hiring of an attorney who specializes in insurance bad faith is the best course of action.

Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC work with attorneys who specialize in bad faith cases and who will be much more aggressive than the DOI to resolve your claim.

To the DOI you are one more complaint, to your advocate such as a Public Adjuster from Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC you are a real person with a real problem that needs resolution.

Also to check on how many complaints your insurance company has had here is the site:

For a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your claim call in the Cavalry Public Adjusters, LLC, 305-898-7562.

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