“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”

hitman   You’ve seen the insurance companies’ commercials; most are straight out of a Hollywood fantasy script. They lure consumers with feel good, family friendly advertising. Promising to take care of you, your family and your property when you need it most, making you feel as if you are not just a client but a member of their family. There was a time when insurance companies actually delivered what they promised but sometime in the 1990’s promises came second to bigger profits and the “Family” you were buying into went from “The Waltons” to “The Corleones”. Everything is peaches and cream until you make that call and say, “I need to open a claim”. Then the insurance company sends out their “Hit Man” better known as the Insurance Adjuster.

When you file a property damage claim you will have to deal with insurance adjusters to reach a compensation settlement. This usually involves some form of negotiation, a back and forth process that may require numerous phone calls, inspections, interviews and estimates before a settlement is agreed upon if one is offered at all. Almost all insurance companies use the same tactics and their insurance adjusters are well trained professional negotiators and highly skilled for one purpose… To kill your claim.

Insurance adjusters will do whatever they can to lessen the amount of money you receive for your claim, if any at all. The less money they give you, the more money they make. While adjusters will seem to empathize with your situation and talk in a reassuring tone, they will devalue your case in very subtle ways that you will not even realize. They are trained to ask certain questions that will hopefully lead you to answer in a way that undermines the value of your claim. So before entering into the negotiation phase with an insurance adjuster, be aware of THEIR position to give you less money.

Insurance companies know that when you hire a Public Adjuster, you will likely be getting more money. Because of this, insurance companies will try to get you to settle without representation by assuring you that Public Adjusters are not necessary.

Insurance adjusters will lie! Because insurance companies want you to walk away with the least amount of money as possible, they will tell you that you don’t have a valid claim but that they will see what they can do for you. They will turn the circumstances of the cause of damage against you to make you feel as if it’s your fault and you are lucky if you get any compensation at all. They will make you feel as if you are under investigation for doing something wrong such as; record you during interviews, use phrases as, “your claim is under investigation” or “we are sending out engineers to investigate.” All to get you scared so you quit your claim before any payouts.

Before you start negotiations with an insurance company, always remember that their adjusters are “Hit Men” trained to devalue your claim by getting you to agree to smaller settlements and if possible, “kill” your claim all together.

Cavalry Public Adjusters know how insurance companies work and will stand up to their “Hit Men”. We will REFUSE any offer that’s not the right offer for YOU.

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