Why Hire a Public Adjuster

pa  The question I get asked the most is: Why hire a Public Adjuster when I can open and handle my own claim?

You will find several reasons within this site as to why Cavalry Public Adjusters is the right solution when property damage occurs. But whenever I’m asked this question, I like to answer the question with this question… What is your claim worth?


Whether your property damage is related to Water, Fire, Vandalism or the Weather, you need to know what’s the fair value so you can restore and recover your property to the point it was before the damage occurred.

Look around and try to assess your damage, give yourself a fair estimate and write down what you believe is the fair dollar value of your claim.

Now you can be sure of two things: (1) Your insurance company can care less what you believe the value of your claim is and (2) You will be offered a “take it or leave it” check for less than the figure you wrote down. Of course that’s if your claim was not denied altogether.

The reason you hire a Public Adjuster is simply to level the playing field. Cavalry Public Adjusters have the same insurance and industry knowledge that the insurance companies adjusters have. The difference is that we only work for YOU.

When you hire Cavalry Public Adjusters we will not stop until you receive a true fair settlement and don’t be surprise if that settlement is for far more than the dollar value you wrote down.

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